Field Trips

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Trader Joes
Backyard Bounty Orange Picking in Carpinteria
McConnells Ice Cream Factory 
Santa Barbara Dance Arts 
Notes for Notes
 Summer Solstice Workshop 
Making Pizza
Watershed Resource Center
Art from Scrap
Arabian Horse Show
Swimming at Los Banos

 Trader Joes☺ 

Trader Joes
We went to Trader Joes walking. First we saw the watermelons.The guy who showed us around was Dale. They had a big machine squished the card board.They recycled bottles, so they can have more to buy their whole staff sweaters. Dale showed us a forklift that could lift up a really big box of watermelons that weighed from 500 to 600 lbs. Dale also showed freezers that were really cold and they kept different thing in each fridge. After we went on the tour we got free samples of tacos with guacamole, they were really yummy! At the end we got reusable Trader Joe grocery bags. It was cool going behind the scenes at Trader Joes.
By: Arlene And Yessenia

 Orange Picking in Carp☺ 

 On Tuesday we went orange picking in Carpenteria. We arrived and a guy told us that the oranges we picked were brought to the food bank and then to peoples homes. It felt good to help people that need food, just by picking oranges. We picked oranges for about thirty minutes and we already had like ten crates full. It was fun because we got rewarded with oranges, they were really sweet and juicy. When we picked oranges  we had to wear bag -like - satchels. It was a really good example of helping the community like all the people that need food. We had a great time.                By: Arlene Vargas

 McConnells Ice Cream Factory☺

At McConnell's we went into the freezer it was so cold good thing I had a sweater. They showed us the factory it was big. the owner of the factory was Amber's uncle so we got some free ice cream it was so good. I wish we can go there all the time it was so good.


Santa Barbara Dance Arts

Santa Barbara Dance Arts ♀-♀
By Marlene, Jessica, and Caren
We danced till our feet got tired. We had a dance teacher named Tom. He taught us a great dance.We danced a song called Facedrop by Sean Kingston. We had 4 weeks to practice, i think we learned it in a day, but we kept practicing till we had it perfect.

In the Fun in the Sun Family Night, We performed it in front of our parents. I think we did really good because everyone was clapping. The other F.I.T.S group danced another song, & some kids said our dance was better. Tom was a very great dance teacher because he taught us a AWESOME dance that everyone liked♥(:



On a hot summer day, we walked to Blenders. We decided to walk because we wanted to get excersise. We learned about how they help the environment. When we got there Andy the manager of blenders in the grass gave us a tour. We saw a yellow trash can and they told us that they do composting. We also know that they reuse stuff.

Notes for Notes

Summer Solstice Workshop

We went to go help the Summer Solstice Workshop. Were to help them paint so that they could finish faster and be ready for the parade. The Summer Solstice Workshop was on Ortega street and it was a very big place. All the big floats fit there. We also made carnival flags and painted flowers and stars while we were there. One float we helped with was the Mad Hatter and we got to paper mache. It was very fun and exciting we wish we could do it again.

 The floast were very environmentally friendly and were made out of recycled pieces of newspaper. While we were there we learned that you can make many cool things out of recycled paper, glue, and chicken wire.

At the summer solstice workshop we saw many amazing things such as a carosel full of animals, Alice in Summerland, the rainbow fish made of CD's, and three giant masks. There was also a gargoyle man and many people dressed up.

Overall we had a really fun time, and we recommend that you help out at the summer solstice workshop next summer!

Making Pizza
By Arlene, Arturo, and Yessenia

Nester spun pizza dough in the air when we arrived.
At first the dough was in medium size circles then Nester
flattened the doughinto largar circles.
Nester let us take turns spreading the tomatoe sauce with the laddle.
We put a cup of cheese in the automatic cheese dispenser. After the cheese, we put pinapple, pepperoni, and jalapenoson the three large pizzas.
"Nester put the three pizzas in the 600F degree oven , which was super hot!" Yessenia said
"The pizza tasted so delicious!" Arlene said
"The crust was cruchy and the center was soft."
"I could smell the chees and pepperoni coming from the pizza box.'' Antonio said
Nester spun the pizza dough high in the air while we watched in shock.


 Watershed Resource Center Field Trip☺

We talked about how much clean water, salt water, and dirty water there is in the world. We talked about animals in the water, and how they can die when we throw trash in the ocean, they can eat the trash and the trash can make them sick. They taught us about lakes, creeks, rivers, and streams. We learned about the water cycle, and that 75 % of water is ocean, 3 % of water in the world is drinking water.

After we did that, we went to the beach and played with Maple, Amber's dog. We walked in the sand and saw a lot of dogs . We also played with Amber and her parents. All of us picked up trash, and Amber's Dad Picked up Poop that wasn't his dogs .

Art From Scrap Field Trip

     A cardboard car, a plastic barbie, a dress made out of fake money. These are the kind of things you can make of recycled materials at Art From Scrap.
     On a Tuesday, The Orange SB Hottiez went on a field trip to Art From Scrap located by the Ortega Park and Freeway 101.
     When we walked in we saw books and foam boogie boards which are things to go on your stomach at the beach. We also saw many other recycled materials.
     A woman who works there showed us a video about the landfill and why it is important to recycle because are landfills are getting full.
     When we were done with the video we got to make things out of recycled materials. Some recycled materials we used were cd's, skateboard wheel shavings, tape, bottle caps plastic etc..We made games, jellyfish, and cars.

Arabian Horse Show

We went to the Earl Warren Show grounds.We saw the Arabian Horse show. The employee's let us feed the horses. Then we went to see another horse show. After one show we got ice cream. The people riding the horses wore fancy clothes. They were competing for showmanship. The horses were pretty. The winners won a necklace made of flowers. Horses are part of the cycle in the environment. They eat hay, grass, an carrots. They also help fertilize the land. We also saw puppies that day. While we were eating ice cream we mat Mia who was holding a really cute puppy. She was selling more puppies and we went to see them. There was a cage with two small dogs outside of where the puppies were. They were abandoned by their owners. There was one that was friendly and the other one that was grumpy and mean. The woman who was next to the puppies owned the two dogs in the cage. She was a teacher and taught 5th grade. The woman was very nice and had time to talk to us. Overall, we had a lot of fun and would like to go again.

By: Arlene

 Swimming at Los Banos☺


On Wensday we went to Los Banos pool for dip in the water it was so fun. Eveyrbody got to go and go in the water. before we enter the deep side of the pool we had to take a swimming test. the swimming test was easy the people that past the test was me Alie and Marlene. me and Marlene had to swim to one end to the other and then we can go to the deep. The water was a little cooled but we can handle it. At los Banos Pool they had a diving bored me,Marlene,and Amber jumped off the hi dive. For me it was scary but not really when you go you just jump go all the way to the bottom and push the floor and you sink back. los Banos was so cool and a exciting fun field trip thanks to are leader Amber thanks Amber.


  1. Wow - You helped your community put on a great parade, you made pizza, you learned about water and landfills, you made art from scrap, saw a horse show, ate ice cream, and cleaned up after Maple! And Arlene, Arturo, Yessenia have written excellent articles to tell us all about it. I think you should all be proud of your blog.

  2. P.S. I like your pictures, too!

  3. Wow! I saw the floats you helped with in the parade. Great work!

    Jenny Lewallen
    FITS Coordinator
    United Way of Santa Barbara County


  5. caren -orange groupJuly 23, 2010 at 11:25 AM

    Thank You Jenny.

  6. Coach 'K' says:

    Remember after camp during the rest of the summer and for the rest of your life:

    Do some cardio work like jogging, at least 3 times a week for 1/2 hour! Your body will love you for it. You can do it because you are tough!