Special Guests

Erika from the Independent
Making Birdhouses with Andy Mountaineering with Coach K
Sculptures with Julia
Smoothie Making
Steve from Dancing Drum
Michelyn from the Red Cross
Running with Coach K
Hula with Jeni Reiko
Thank You Rhine Teens!

Erika from The Independent


Erika, an intern for the Santa Barbara Independent, came to interview my Fun in the Sun kids about their work on this blog. I am so proud of them!

~Amberly, Program Leader

Making Birdhouses with Andy

Mountaineering with Coach K

Sculptures with Julia

Smoothie Making

Dancing Drum

The cafeteria was filled with the booming sounds of the drums. On Friday,Steve came from dancing drum to teach us how to play the drum. When we got there we each got our own drum and our own pair of sticks.

At First,Steve showed us how to play the drum. We got in to a group and we all played. All through the room you could hear the loud beats of our drums. Steve taught us how to play different beats.

After we learned how to play the drum we all played together as a group. Steve is coming back to teach us more beats. Jessica said"It was very exciting and i like the new beats we learned."" It was very loud and you could hear the echos,"said Agustin 

By : Jessica & Agustin(:
Typed By : Antonio & Marlene:)

Michelyn from the Red Cross

If there was a disaster we will be prepared. Minchely taught us how to be safe when a life Threatning experience happens.
She showed us what to put in a first aid kit. We saw a high powered flashlight mixed radio.we also saw glow stick and a blanket etc.
It was helpful and interesting because now i know what to put in the first aid kit" said Sebastbian. "It feels good to know that i can help other people be safe too" said Caren.

Don't need                                                           NEED
DVD'S                                                                 FOOD
Hairdryer                                                              PORTABLE RADIOS
Meat sandwich                                                     BLANKETS
Candles                                                                FIRST AID KIT
Skateboard                                                          WATER 1 GALLON
                                                                            CHANGE OF CLOTHES
                                                                            FLASHLIGHT WITH BATTERY
                                                                            TOOTHBRUSH AND TOOTHPASTE

Running With Kevin
By: Arturo, Allie, Jordi

Running with Kevin Young was a great way to learn about the benefits of exercise. Last week, a man named Kevin Young came into our classroom to teach us about running.
He talked about the benefits of running and why it is important to stay in shape. Running help us to gain muscles and it helps us to stay in shape. Coach K said that exercise keeps us healthy.
Leaning about running was very fun because coach K was very nice and he made the lesson fun. He gave us a prize if we ran 6 laps or one mile. The prize was a little runner that you could put on your shoe laces, we also got an award with our names on it. While we ran, coach K let us use a mile maker. The mile maker told us how long we ran for.
It was very hot when we, ran last week with coach K. We ran at the East-Side Neighborhood Park.
Jordi said, "All the boys ran for 2 miles and the girls ran for 1 mile."
Allie said, "It was very hot and sweaty but it was still so much fun to run."
Overall, we really enjoyed talking and running with coach K. He taught us important thins about running and staying in shape. "I wish i could ran forever, "Arturo said.


Hula dancing
by Yessenia and Jessica

Thank you, for taking your time to teaching us how to hula dance .We had a lot of fun with you  .You teached  us a lot of stuff about hula dancing.  It was so exciting Thank  you for letting us hearing the new music and the instruments.  We hope you come with us again. We enjoyed  to be with you and thank you for answering our questions.  we like when you teach us  . We heard  Hawaii music and we all thought it was cool music.  The instruments were very creative we also thought it was cool .

Thank You Rhine Teens!

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  1. Thanks for that great article by By: Arturo, Allie, Jordi. You guys really nailed it right on the head. That is, you said it exactly right, way to go. Running is really good for you! It's not the easiest sport in the world, it's tough - but you are tougher! You can do it! Lets see if you can jog for 10 to 20 minutes without stopping!