Friday, July 16, 2010

Dancing Drum

The cafeteria was filled with the booming sounds of the drums. On Friday,Steve came from dancing drum to teach us how to play the drum. When we got there we each got our own drum and our own pair of sticks.

At First,Steve showed us how to play the drum. We got in to a group and we all played. All through the room you could hear the loud beats of our drums. Steve taught us how to play different beats.

After we learned how to play the drum we all played together as a group. Steve is coming back to teach us more beats. Jessica said"It was very exciting and i like the new beats we learned."" It was very loud and you could hear the echos,"said Agustin This is the picture playing the red,blue,green drums.

By : Jessica & Agustin(:
Typed By : Antonio & Marlene:)


  1. Hello Jessica and Agustin,

    The drumming sounds so exciting! I wish I had been there in the cafeteria with you with my own drum and sticks.

    I hope to read more about what you are doing over the next two weeks.
    Good going

  2. Dear Jessica and Agustin, and typists Antonio and Marlene,

    Wow, I feel like I was there. You paint a vivid picture for me, and I like how your first sentence really drew me in... very dramatic : "The cafeteria was filled with the booming sounds of the drums..." . It brought back to my mind images I've created from reading novels about the African jungle... "the jungle was filled with the booming sounds of the drums"... and then usually something really bad happens (!) :) haha.
    Anyway, I wanted to ask you: what kinds of drums do you make for yourselves at home? A lot of people drum on all kinds of different things. Have you used something to make a rhythm? Let me know!
    & hoping you have a great, rhythmic summer beat,
    Your Blogger Buddy Kim