Thursday, July 15, 2010

Orange Group Makes Pizza

The group after learning how to make pizza at Dominoes.


  1. Hello Kids go Green!

    If you are going green, why are you the Orange group wearing yellow T-shirts?

    I read your blog posting and was very amazed by how much you are doing and learning this summer. You must have a very good teacher and trip leader. Please take good care of her and tell her not to get a buzz cut.

    Since you are going green, it must make you sad to learn about the terrible oil spill. I have read that even if the oil stops leaking, it will take many years before the injury to the water, beaches, plants and animals will be healed.

    I have read in Amber's blog and in your blog about some of your trips, your adventures in parks and at the beach, your running and drumming and newspaper reading. It sounds like pizza-making was lots of fun, and I was happy to see the picture of you happy campers, filled with pizza, standing in front of the pizza place. You are a handsome bunch!

    Keep on blogging!

    With best wishes from Grandad Young

  2. Dear FITS kids,

    You are an amazing and very inspirational bunch. I look forward to hearing all about your summer in a few weeks!


    Jenny Lewallen
    FITS Coordinator
    United Way of Santa Barbara County

  3. Hello Kids,

    I could see the excitement in your eyes when I saw you near TJ's and gave me your flyer.

    Learn more things about going green. Make a compost. Worms love them, they make the soil rich with minerals so the vegetables taste good and grow healthy.

    Have a great fun filled and enlightened summer.