The Tea Fire Disaster

By: Allie, Caren, Antonio, and Jessica

The tea fire stared in Montecito by some teenagers having a bonfire without putting down the fire.So just by a little spark of the fire it stared the tea fire it was a disaster. Hundreds of homes were burned in the disaster of the tea fire. They think about 210 houses were burned . They didn't know exactly how many people died in the tea fire. In the Tea fire they evacuated about 210 people. They also said about 20 firefighters died as they were helping people escape and putting down the fire.

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  1. Allie, Caren, Antonio, and Jessica - Great job on your research! The Tea Fire was truly a scary thing for Santa Barbara residents! It was such a huge fire. I didn't know that so many homes were burned and that firefighters had died. That is very sad! Did you learn anything in your Disaster Preparedness class that you think the victims of the Tea Fire would have needed to know? Keep up the good work!!